The Hoosier
Stainless / Titanium construction.
The Hoosier is an evolution of the Freedom suppressor. We borrowed proven baffle technology from the Freedom line and adapted it to The Hoosier, for the popular 358 Hoosier cartridge that is in use in Indiana. Due to state laws, the caliber restrictions have necessitated the invention of a rifle cartridge that is ballistically similar to the 35 Remington with a little more punch to get those animals further than 100 yards away.


Due to recent changes in the laws in Indiana, they can now legally hunt with suppressors as well as use them for recreational purposes. This has brought about the evolution in design to give the hunter what he needs.

The Hoosier is a conclusion of that need.

Liberty mirage cover included with each unit.
Color : Flat Black Type “C” Cerakote Finish

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