Titanium with stainless blast chamber. Super light weight coupled with world class suppression give the shooter the ultimate suppressor.

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The Victory is the apex of rifle silencer design. We used titanium for all the components and then lined the blast chamber with stainless steel to eliminate ablative sparking and baffle erosion in the blast area. This suppressor works very well in reducing the sound signature of the host weapon to incredibly low levels. Only a few rifle silencers in the world can achieve this level of suppression. This incredible performance is due to ongoing research here at our facility.

We utilize the popular square bore technology pioneered in the Pandora and later used in the Freedom line to bring the suppression to new lows. Designed primarily for long range rifle shooters, this suppressor works very well on AR10 chassis weapon systems as well. It will work on lesser caliber weapons as well as long as the bore alignment is maintained. It has excellent characteristics on 5.56mm caliber AR15 weapons due to the lessened blowback of the 30 caliber square bore design. Meter data on this option is below.


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Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Length : 10″
Diameter : 1.5″
Material : Titanium with a stainless steel blast baffle
Weight : Approximately 15.7 ounces
Avg. Suppression : 32dB+ *
Mounting : 5/8 – 24 Thread Mount

16″ 300AAC BLK upper.
Remington 220gr BLK ammo

Temp: 75 degrees
Sunny and no wind

Unsuppressed it measured 155 dB average with the lowest being 154.5dB and the highest being 155.5 dB

The Victory averaged 121.4 dB
Highest shot: 122.5
Lowest: 120.5

Victory Coupling
5/8-24 TO 1/2-28 ADAPTERS



300 Win Mag Version – The Victory is available in a 300 Win Mag configuration for $1395. It is the same footprint as the Freedom Magnum, but made with a Titanium Core and Rear cap. Weight Approx 18 oz

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