Mystic X

MSRP … $799 

mystic x 1Specifications:

Length: 8”
Diameter: 1.375”
Weight: 10.5 oz.
Core – Stainless steel
Tube – Titanium
Tube Retaining Ring – Alloy steel
Finish: Type C High Temp Cerakote™ In Graphite Black
Mounting via: Numerous types specific to each platform.
Aprox. Sound Reduction: 33dB – 38dB across several platforms.


The first true multipurpose suppressor, the Mystic, set the bar high for a multipurpose design. Now the Mystic X has improved upon that ground breaking technology.


The Mystic X was born from a need for extreme versatility, with the first time silencer buyer in the front of our minds. When purchasing a first suppressor, buyers can easily be overwhelmed with the amount of info available. We wanted the first time buyer to have a choice that allows them to dip their toe into the NFA waters and have the most versatile suppressor available. From this goal, we took one of our most popular models and improved on that platform to create what we feel is one of the most functional suppressors available, and the ultimate first time owner’s silencer.

We also performed an accuracy test to see how it would affect performance on a 300 Blackout bolt rifle (a nice little handy hunting rig). Group size without the suppressor averaged right at .75″ at 50 yards with 208 AMAX subsonic loads, and shot exactly the same with the Mystic X mounted, with no perceptible point of impact shift either. Note: We like a 50 yard zero as this gives a PBR of about 150 yards with the 208 sub-sonic loads.

Manufacturers Recommendation: When disassembling a take apart suppressor, if more than hand force is necessary to remove the inner core from the outer tube, please use a simi-soft material such as wood, rubber, or nylon as opposed to harder items like a hammer.


Booster Cleaning Instructions (click to open)

Mystic X Cleaning Instructions (click to open)



Current Caliber List for the Mystic X:

NOTICE: We no longer rate the Mystic X for 308 Subsonic and have removed it from the caliber list as of 21 FEB 2016 as there seems to be a problem with people not noticing that the word SUBSONIC was next to this caliber in the list and keep referencing using the mystic x on this caliber with full power loads. The Mystic X is NOT a 308 can. It is not designed to be used in this capacity and damage can occur to your suppressor if you shoot these sorts of calibers through it, such as the 260 REM, 7-08, 243 WIN, etc…


Below is a list of approved calibers and should be adhered to when using this suppressor.

This is the approved caliber list currently:







22 Hornet

22 K Hornet

218 Bee


219 Zipper


223 REM (See Note Below)

22 PPC (See Note Below)
30 PPC (See Note Below)

30 Carbine

30 Herrett

30 Mauser

30 – 30 Winchester



32 S&W Long

32 H&R Magnum

4.6 X 30 HK (FULL AUTO)


5.7 X 28 FN (FULL AUTO)

6MM PPC (See Note Below)

6MM BR (See Note Below)

7-30 Waters

9 X 18 (FULL AUTO)

9 X 19 (Base Caliber) (FULL AUTO)

9 X 21


9 X 23 (38 Super)

9 X 23 Winchester

9 X 25 Dillon

9 X 25 Super Auto G




38 Special

38 S&W


357 SIG


357 MAXIMIUM Supersonic

357 Auto MAG

357 Herrett

338 Spectre

300/221 FIREBALL

300 Whisper©

5.45x39MM Russian

6.5 Grendel (See Note Below)

6.8 SPC (See Note Below)


7.62 xX25 MM (FULL AUTO)

7,62 X 38 R

7.62 X 39 MM


Note: All rifle calibers with chamber pressures exceeding 45,000PSI that are on the caliber list, are restricted to 16″ barrels or longer. (6.8SPC, 5.56 NATO, and the like FROM THE CALIBER LIST ONLY)

Note 2: It has been found that Monarch brand 124r JHP will separate in the suppressor and can generate baffle strikes due to instability in the rounds. Please refrain from using this ammunition in your Mystic X suppressors or any other Liberty can at this time. Thank you.


Attachments for the Mystic X: (click to open)”

½-28 FBA (Fixed Barrel Adapter)

  • All 22LR guns
  • AR15 – 16” barrel
  • All rifles in the rated calibers threaded this thread pitch with at least a 16” barrel.
  • All 9mm carbines threaded this thread pitch.
  • 9mm Pistols where the shooter does not want the action to cycle normally. (This usually applies to people shooting at indoor ranges that want to keep their brass for reloading purposes.)
  • Some T/C rifles are threaded for this, check with your gunsmith if needed.

5/8-24 FBA (Fixed Barrel Adapter)

  • 300 Blackout AR15 rifles
  • 338 Spectre AR15 rifles
  • Most centerfire bolt action rifles are threaded this thread pitch.
  • T/C single shot rifles
  • 308 Bolt rifles are threaded for this thread (Subsonic use only)

Custom Threaded FBA (Fixed Barrel Adapter)

  • 14x1mmLH – AK47 and AK74 variants.
  • ¾-10 – MAC10 Sub-machinegun threads.
  • 9/16-24 LH – This fits several older 300 BLK rifles as well as many hunting rifles.
  • We also will fit them to your muzzle threads on a one off basis as well.
  • ½-36 – This fits Colt AR15 rifles in 9mm.
  • ½-32 – This fits the HK Navy MP5 in 9mm.

Recoil Booster Assembly (LID, LCD)

  • All semi-automatic handguns that fire from a locked breech and the barrel does not rotate during cyclic operation. (Ex. Berretta PX4 has a rotating barrel)
  • Not for use with fixed barrel firearms such as carbines or handguns such as Walther P1.
  • We offer the booster in two thread pitches. ½-28 and 13.5×1 LH.

Uzi FBA (Fits Uzi Machineguns and SBRs that mimic that footprint only)

  • We made a special mount to couple to the Uzi machinegun specifically to allow the use of the Mystic X on these platforms.


Picture Description Price
Liberty 3 Lug Adapter Liberty 3 Lug Adapter $165.00
Recoil Booster Assembly – Non Standard Sizes available for $50 additional $169.00
This is a 1/2-28 fixed barrel adapter 1/2-28 or 1/2-36 Fixed Barrel Adapter $95.00
This is a large Fixed Barrel Adapter for the Mystic X 5/8-24 Fixed Barrel Adapter – Non Standard Sizes available for $50 additional $95.00
HATE RIG TRIO H.A.T.E. (Highly Adaptive Taper Engagement) Ring $90.00
special mount for the mystic x silencer Fixed Adapter Uzi Mystic Mount $140.00
RING WRENCH Mystic Ring Wrench $42.00
FBA Thread Preotector Thread Protector for the Fixed Barrel Adapter $33.00