UZI Sub-machinegun Specific Design Silencer

Our current solution for this setup is these two items together.

Cosmic Silencer  Multi purpose suppressor works exceptionally well for 9mm sub-machine guns.

Uzi Adapter  couples the Cosmic silencer to the barrel threads on the Uzi submachine gun by replacing the original barrel nut.

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Length: 14″
Diameter: 2″
Weight: 27 oz.
Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium
Mounting: Special mount to fit Uzi sub machine gun barrel in place of barrel nut.
Finish: Black Type “C” Cerakote
Approx. Sound Reduction: 31+ dB
Caliber: 9x19mm (9mm Luger)

Sub-machineguns have one thing that stands out above other pistol caliber firearms, they are loud. The most popular of these guns are the H&K MP5 and the Israeli Uzi. We already had a suppressor solution for the MP5 but really didn’t have anything specific for the Uzi. That was when we went to the design team and told them what we wanted. They came up with the UZI LS. Old school styling (large volume), combined with the innovative square bore technology have come together to create a suppressor that is very quiet. The nature of the open bolt machinegun is of a very low action noise already due to the lack of action locking elements, this combined with the UZI LS makes for a incredibly quiet platform.

Built from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel in the blast chamber, this suppressor is light and strong. The design includes lining the blast chamber in stainless steel to eliminate baffle erosion due to full auto firing schedules. We also considered the maintenance of the unit during the design phase and found that cleaning a subgun silencer is not only time consuming, but also virtually unnecessary. Coated in a durable Type “C” Cerakote finish, the external finish is durable and resistance to virtually all cleaning solvents. We built this unit with simplicity in mind and made it with no removable parts. The only cleaning that is needed is in the mount area to ensure easy installation during the next trip to the range. Installation is also a breeze, simply remove the existing Uzi barrel nut and install the silencer in place of it and your done!

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