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The 762HR is an evolution of the Chaotic Family of silencers. Without the need for inconel blast baffles or super short applications, this silencer covers everything a sportsman needs to suppress! Rated for all calibers of typical hunting rifles 300 WIN MAG and down and threaded the very prevalent 5/8-24 threads, it is ready to go at a moments notice!

General Specs:

Length: 6″

Diameter: 2″

Weight: 21 oz.

Aprox. Reduction: 30dB

Finish: Type C Cerakote

Barrel length restriction : 16″ all calibers (except where noted)

This silencer covers all the usual rifle calibers, such as:

308WIN and all it’s derivatives

30-06 and all it’s derivatives


7.62x39mm (12″ and longer”

300BLK (no barrel restrictions on this caliber only)

223 REM and such

and much more!

We made this thing to take a beating and keep on going too, with a core and rear cap made from 18-8 stainless steel and a grade 9 titanium tube, it needs no maintenance. Just wipe it off with bore solvent if it gets too dirty!

The tube is interlocked with the core at the front with a special wavelok technology that also allows pressure to vent along the perimeter in a controlled manner, thereby reducing back pressure and block back.

Finally, the entire assembly is coated in type C cerakote for a ultra durable finish that will last many decades, and as usual, it comes with our stellar warranty! Call us today to get your order started!

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