Liberty’s Big Day Out!!!!

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Liberty Suppressors Big Day Out!

We’re announcing a very special opportunity for fans of Liberty Suppressors and gun enthusists everywhere.

If you’ve ever taken your Mystic X or Sovereign to the range and talked suppressors with someone and had a question posed to you that you didn’t have an answer for, this is for you, or if you’ve ever just wondered how the Mystic X is made or wanted to get the chance to shoot a few of our cans to see which ones your firearms like the best, this one is also for you.

This is your chance to come to the manufacturing facility tour the shop and see how suppressors are made. Then go to the back range and get some trigger time with a few of the cans. Afterwards, go have lunch with David in lovely Trenton, GA and pick his brain on anything and everything firearms related or otherwise.

These trips will be available on Wednesdays only. It will be $125 per person with a maximum capacity of 6 people. They are already filling up fast so book your trip today!

Here’s an example of the itinerary:
Boring paperwork, nda, etc.
Tour of the facility, to watch silencers being made. (Sorry, we can’t disturb the machinist with questions. They are making quietness)
Range Trip, 5 shots through 3 suppressor flavors
Lunch with David

Firearms enthusiasts need only apply. No snowflakes, here, please.

Call us at (706) 661-6911 or email

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