Dealer Education Program

Would you like to know more about the products offered by Liberty Suppressors? We have our FAQ section, but sometimes a human touch is needed. For that, we have our Dealer Education Program. 

For free, you can schedule a 40 minute talk with a knowledgeable representative of Liberty Suppressors (usually Noah, the Operations Director) and have any questions answered. 

This is ideal both for new dealers, that may or may not know much about silencers, or long time silencer sellers that know the trade in and out, and simply want to know more about Liberty’s products. 

As a bonus for completing your session of the program, you will have an opportunity to place an order at a 10% discount! That’s 10% less than normal dealer cost, which is already far below retail. This can help you get some silencers in hand to be able to show customers and close the sale. 

Interested? Reach out today by calling us at (706) 661-6911 or emailing <>.

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