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MSRP: $4,089

As its title would suggest, the Behemoth truly is a beast. At nearly 16 inches of precision machined titanium, this large caliber rifle silencer is a sight to behold. In contrast, the suppressor module only weighs in at 40oz due to the high efficiency baffle structure and titanium parts, making a minimal impact on the big bore rifles for which it is designed. While the light weight makes it a veritable featherweight for its class, this suppressor brings even the mighty .50 BMG down to hearing safe levels at the shooters ear. When it comes to suppressing big-bore long range rifles, the Behemoth is unrivaled.

This suppressor is made to order.


Caliber: .50 BMG

Length: 15.75″

Diameter: 2.2″

Material: Titanium

Weight of silencer: 40oz

Approx dB level at shooters ear: 136dB (including first round pop)

Mount type: Taper lock muzzle brake (included)

Barrel length requirements:

22″ minimum on .50 BMG

16″ minimum on .338 Lapua Magnum

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