Due to overwhelming sales at Liberty Suppressors, we will be unable to host this event at this time.
We are updating all of the ranges and hope to see you next year.

First and foremost is … I am going to allow full auto 22LR weapons this year. With the popularity of NFA
weapons growing, more and more people are buying M16s and putting 22LR conversions on them. We
have determined that if you choose to run the stage in auto, then you will get double the round count, but
you must run the entire stage in full auto.

Secondly, I am going to have an entire stage for centerfire handguns, this match will probably include your
rifle as well. We decided to allow centerfire pistols here as well, as all the targets in this stage will be IPSC
style sillouttes. So if you want to run your 45 or 357SIG or 40 or 38 Special, then bring them. You will need a
good quality holster and a way to reload for at least 20 rounds of fire. (minimum one reload) We dont follow
any sort of organized rules for a certian kind of shooting here. IPSC, USPSA, IDPA…. We just follow safe
gun handling and shoot the targets in a certian sequence…

The winners of the November match of the 2011 season are:

1st – Brian R.
2nd – Dirk V.
3rd – Ron O.

Winner of Liberty Match Entire Season- Ron Oliver


I want to say thanks to everyone that came out !!!!

You will need

1. autoloading rimfire rifle
2. spare mags for said rifle
3. cloths that you dont mind to
get dirty/muddy
4. Aprox. 250 rounds of ammo
5. A good attitude towards
having fun.
6. Something to eat and drink
if you want a snack.
$7. 20 to cover the entry fee

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