MSRP: $4195

This small marvel of silencer engineering and construction has 8 internal monocores that vent into the main chamber, giving each barrel an independent and fully functional suppressor module, while still taking full advantage of the large overall size. In so doing, we have designed this in such a way that the large size of the silencer and 8 barrels are a positive feature, rather than being a problem to be solved. This silencer uses the best materials for superior durability and performance, and the fact that each monocore takes only 1/8th the wear that a normal silencer would take means that service life is much higher than others, and cleaning is needed much less frequently.

A 9mm gatling gun is already loads of fun to shoot, the addition of an integral, custom made-to-order silencer just makes it that much better.

Purchase includes the silencer assembly, installation, counterweight and disassembly tool.

This suppressor is made to order on a customer supplied firearm.


Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum

Length added: 10.2″

Diameter: 5.25″

Material: Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and brass

Weight added: 8lb (silencer) + 13lb (counterweight)

Approximate dB level: 120dB (including first round pop)

Mount type: Integral, built onto customer supplied host weapon

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