Instructions & Cleaning

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As a quick note, we have made a few updates to some of our suppressor designs.

The first one is the Mystic X originally shipped with an o-ring on the core, we have since eliminated the need for this o-ring and we have not shipped a suppressor with one in over a year. If your unit has an o-ring, it is not imperative that you maintain it. We conducted extensive testing to determine the effectiveness of installing this o-ring on the suppressor and found it to be completely un-needed on this design. The original Mystic and Infiniti did benefit from the o-ring and we offer replacements for these units in our webstore. The Mystic X, Cosmic and Centurion though, do not need this o-ring.

The next item is that we have eliminated the driver tools from the Mystic program when we went to the Mystic X. This driver tool did little to assist the end user in actual dismantling the suppressor and added considerable cost to the package. Most people actually confused this tool with an additional suppressor tube that had been “mistakenly” placed in their Mystic box!!! All this confusion and waste was eliminated when we removed this tool from the package.


Thank you for choosing Liberty!!!!


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