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All Custom services (except Upgrades) are currently on hold due to our concentration on production demands.
Please check back in a few months for any updates.
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Outstanding quality craftsmanship, and to top it all off their customer service is second to none ~ Kyle F.


Engraving Custom – Hourly; starts at: $70-$100
Engraving SBR data on the side of the magwell AR lowers only $50
Upgrade Your Kodiak TL or Essence to the New Regulator (click to purchase upgrade) $380
Upgrade Your Generation 1 Essence to a Gen II Essence $435
Upgrade Your Mystic to a Mystic X (click to purchase upgrade) $375
Threading Cut external threads on a stripped barrelled action or stripped rifle barrel* $90**
Threading Same as previous when combined with an order for a Liberty Suppressor $80**
Threading Threading a firearm that arrives fully assembled (we have to take it apart) $135**
Threading Same as previous when combined with an order for a Liberty Suppressor $105
Colors Custom Cerekote Colors in your Choice of Color $50
Protectors Thread Protectors $25
Protectors Blended or “Ghost” Thread Protectors $150
Protectors Ramp Bolt on 9mm AR15 Thread Protectors $55
Protectors Custom Thread Protectors: Only available with purchase of Liberty Suppressor $80
Ruger Mark III Threading, Thread Protector, Relocate Front Site, remove warning label (Package) $125
Ruger Mark III Taper barrel MK III converted to bull barrel with threads, target sights, and thread protector $225
Transfers Title 1 $20
Transfers Class 3 Transfers $50
Custom Custom Glass Bedding $200 – $215
Custom Cut off and Re-crown Barrel Note – This is not part of threading the muzzle $75
Custom Custom Muzzle Brakes $180
Custom Custom Flash Hiders $180
Custom Custom Rifle Building Contact Us
Custom Custom Other Projects Contact Us
Custom Quantity Over 6 Bulk Discount Contact Us
Shipping not included in all pricing in this chart.
*This means that the barreled action must not have any other parts on it at all. Triggers, magazine well parts, sights or scope base rails, any small parts that are not riveted to the receiver.
**We only thread the following barrels for these rates: Remington 700 family and Savage 10 & 110 families
Ruger 10-22 and Remington 597