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We here at LDFTI have found that there is a missing piece in the training puzzle at most schools. They assume the people that show up for class have been to some sort of introductory training somewhere else already.

DWS_8501-820x549We don’t feel this is a fair representation of students and want to start with a solid foundation for the student to build on. Things like how to draw the pistol are extensively covered most everywhere, but the details of how to sight the gun correctly or often overlooked or over generalized. Also, the need to practice slow and deliberately is often overlooked for “flashy” speed drills that are often fun, but do little to teach the student the correct form needed to build a good foundation.

Our curriculum is by design for the small class size format. This gives us the ability to apply direct attention to each student and give them the personal coaching they need to improve their firearm handling skills.

We strive to make sure that each student gets the personal attention that they deserve. Also, once a student is alumni, they will have access to my email to ask questions about subjects from their class or to talk about another class with us.

OVERWATCH-600x328We will build a library of videos for the prospective student to watch as well as our alumni can use them as reminders of certain things that they might have forgot after class.

We want you to be more proficient, more confident, more capable of defending yourself or the ones you love. We do this by giving you the tools you need to add a firearm to the toolkit of defense equipment available to you.

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