Whitetail Integral Rifle System

Whitetail Integral Rifle (without optic) MSRP: 999$

This silencer system is designed around the Ruger American Rifle.

When you’re suppressing a hunting rifle, you need something short, light, and most of all, quiet. For this we’ve made the Whitetail, an integrally suppressed 6.5 Creedmoor rifle built on the Ruger American rifle. Featuring a 17″ barrel, with a 13.5″ long suppressor, the overall length from breech face to the end of the suppressor is only 24″, making it one of the best compactness-to-suppression options available. If you have a long hike to the stand, weight can be a major concern. The Whitetail weighs within a couple of ounces of the original rifle, allowing you to walk further or carry more additional gear without being weighed down. The Whitetail is easily serviced by the end user using only a 3/8″ ratchet. Best of all, the large suppressor and roomy expansion chamber make this rifle among the quietest available. For your next hunt, we would recommend the Liberty Suppressors Whitetail.

Click HERE to download a Whitetail spec sheet.

If you are ready to get your Whitetail started, call today at 706-661-6911! We will get you started ASAP!

OPTION B – 800$

We also have and OPTION B available for this, As long as your existing rifle fits certain specifications, we can install the Whitetail suppressor module on your rifle of choice allowing for an extra level of customization! Give us a call to discuss your ideas! 706-661-6911 to cover the details.

Basically though, we need the rifle to have the following:

6 3/4″ of barrel past the forearm.

Barrel Diameter of .675″ at that point past the forearm.

Caliber: Any short action caliber is fine in this chassis