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Upgrades are here!

Did you know that we offer a slew of upgrade paths for existing suppressor owners? Did you know that there is no need for a new tax stamp or the long wait with an upgrade? We have upgrades for many of the suppressors we have made in the past including:

Out with the old mystic

Out with the old mystic

Mystic X from older Mystic models

Chaotic TI from Chaotic

Regulator style internals in your Kodiak TL

and much more!

Just goto our web store and look for the section with all the upgrade options and as always, we are here to discuss what you are looking for whether it be an upgrade, special project or one of our current production silencers!


Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Christmas time is here!

With Christmas right around the corner, you know what makes a great gift idea…c’mon, you know what I am going to say… a t-shirt from our web store!!! (You thought I was going to say silencer, didn’t you?) We have a plethora of t-shirts to choose from and they will be in your mailbox in time for the big day if you order now…

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

We have noticed that people start getting into the hunting mood right before Thanksgiving and start getting in the woods more and more. You should pay attention to your gear when you do this as it can get wet causing guns to rust and things you never worry about (like your hunting knife) to lock up from corrosion. More than once have I seen friends with mildew on their cloth gear because it was stowed damp. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you. Fortunately our silencers need little to no maintenance and make things simpler for you guys because of this. Still, it is a good idea to dry them off when not in use, it will make things work better the next time you go into the field.

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What is happening for the FALL 2018?

Hello Everybody,

WE are busy getting ready for the fall season here at Liberty and have some interesting things to share with you!

First, we have released our 4oz. Heavy Buffer for the AR15 rifle platform, this buffer is designed to soften recoil and add some additional mass to aid in correcting ejection issues and assist in loading rounds from the magazine. These are made from stainless steel and are available in the web store for immediate access!

Follow this link to see it for yourself… AR15 Heavy Buffer

We are also now offering our LoPro FBA Mystic X mounts as a custom thread pitch option. This was previously not available due to production of the mounts, now we have ran a batch of blanks for you guys and gals that need a special thread pitch here and there. Follow the link below to find it in the drop down menu.

Custom LoPro FBA

Be on the lookout for other items coming up in the near future! We have a lot of things in the pipe that we think you will love!!!

Thank you and keep the guns quiet.

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