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We have new stuff!!!!

Since last month we have released two silencers and have several new adapters on the site. We have launched the 762HR which is a hunting rifle silencer and is VERY affordable. We also brought the Triumph back for a limited time due to requests for them. Click on the silencer below to see more about it. The 762HR is built on the Chaotic chassis and shares several aspects with it, mainly we reconfigured the internals to save several machine operations as well as lower the parts count to get the price down for the sportsman that doesnt shoot his silencer on machine-guns and short barreled rifles. 
Both of these can be found on the website.

As you know the Triumph is a phenomenal 556 suppressor that is all titanium and contains inconel in the blast chamber to provide long life on even short barreled guns. Click on the silencer below to see more about the Triumph, We also have brought out several new adapters lately too, such as…

The FBA Blast Diffuser… Protect your FBA threads as well as provide some muzzle braking at the same time. We also have a special package price on it and a LoPro FBA right now as well if you click here.


and the Self Tightening Flash hider/muzzle brake! This brake is made of 416 stainless steel and is black nitride treated for long life as well as good looks. It also comes predrilled for a blind pin so those pesky 14.5″ barrels can be brought to a little over 16″ as well!

Check them out!


Than you for taking the time to read our blog!!!


David Saylors





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Have you seen the Chaotic TI?

We have had this gem for quite some time, it is an evolution of the original Chaotic with a titanium core instead of stainless steel. Retaining the inconel blast baffle, this reduces the weight significantly as well as heat dissipation. The Chaotic was made with one thing in mind; 300 Blackout. This suppressor was designed in cooperation with end users and compliments this cartridge perfectly. The Chaotic Ti is rated for any jacketed round from 300 Winchester Magnum and down. At 6” in length and a 2” diameter, this can sits nicely at the end of a hand guard of your favorite AR15 platform and helps maintain overall firearm balance. While designed for the AR platform is also works equally well if not better on bolt action rifle applications. This is basically the perfect hunting rifle silencer…

Linky to Chaotic TI page


Shoot us an email if you have questions and we will be happy to answer them!

Linky to Contact us page

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Krebs AC15 / Liberty Combo

Liberty Suppressors & Krebs Custom bring you the . . . 

 Liberty Suppressors has teamed up with Krebs Custom to bring you the ultimate in AK Suppressed shooting, The A-Kaotic. If Mikhail Kalashnikov is the father of the AK, Marc Krebs is the Godfather. Krebs Custom has been providing high end, accurate AKs since the mid-80s and continues to allow US residents the opportunity to own the finest, Russian made, AKs with the highest overall quality and attention to detail available. With this pedigree, the Krebs AC-15 is the perfect match to the new Liberty A-Kaotic. From its Titanium tube to its Stainless Steel core with Inconel blast baffle, the reliability of the Chaotic has always been the ideal suppressor partner for the AK platform. The A-Kaotic takes this heritage and builds on it with its custom designed quick-detach mount built specifically to work with the Krebs Interchangable Muzzle System. The A-Kaotic is available in limited quantities as a stand alone suppressor or as a Liberty Suppressors and Krebs Custom A-Kaotic/AC-15 package.


Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Length: 7″
Diameter: 2”
Material: Titanium tube / Stainless steel core
Weight: 27 oz
Approx. dB Overall: 138.9 (including First Round Pop)
Approx. dB Reduction: 25.5 dB

Mounting Type: Krebs I.M.S. (Interchangeable Muzzle System)

A-Kaotic and Krebs AC-15 Package MSRP ….. $2800.00

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