AR15 Stainless Steel 4oz. Buffer

AR15 Stainless Steel 4oz. Buffer


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This buffer is weighted to 4oz. for suppressed use and with use on guns that are traditionally overgassed like the 16″ guns with carbine length gas systems. It dampens the recoil stroke more than a traditional buffer thereby reducing bolt carrier velocity. It also aids in chambering due to the additional mass.  We have found it works on a large variety of AR15 rifles here at the facility. Made from stainless steel (even the weights on the inside are stainless), laser engrave information on the side, the Liberty Star is on the end, and we have 5 facets around the perimeter to allow proper air flow as well as increase the amount of contact with the retaining pin so as to reduce pin shearing that some rifles have with traditional buffers.

Drop in installation, no gunsmithing required, just pull the old one out and stick this one in, your done.