FBA Blast Diffuser Package


FBA Blast Diffuser Package

$140.00 $130.00



Wanna save some green? This package has been put together to get you the FBA blast Diffuser AND a Low Profile 1/2-28 FBA so you have everything you need to mount it on your favorite platform (in the every popular 1/2-28 threads of course)

People like to leave the mount on their host weapon to use it as a pseudo thread protector, but then what protects that??? Well, this does. It also has the added benefit of diffusing the muzzle blast and is a pretty darn good muzzle brake to boot! Screws directly to any Liberty FBA (Fixed Barrel Adapter). Made of 18-8 stainless steel and black nitride coated for long life. LoPro 1/2-28 FBA is made of aluminum and black anodized for durability. Aprox. length is 1 7/8″ overall.

*Fixed Barrel Adapter is included in this package.