Vector 22LR Rimfire Silencer

Vector Rimfire Silencer …  MSRP 348$

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Length: 5 – 6″

Diameter: 1.125″

Weight: 5-6ozs.

Sound Reduction: 31 to 36dB average, depending on application.

Material: Aluminium/Titanium/Stainless Steel

Special features: Easy clean technology, Modularity design









Vector is something that has direction as well as magnitude. For us this is a new direction from the merging of two other energies. Tried and true designs of the past and our ever burning desire to make something better. Combining these two things has “vectored” us in a new direction with rimfire technology. The most notable is the use of “stacked baffles” inside of a tube. Rather than using the tube as a pressure vessel, like most other designs out there, we have used it merely as a supporting structure that holds the baffled-tube design together instead. This allows us a lot of latitude in design that we did not have available before. This latitude brings many things to the table for you like, simple layout, ease of maintenance, light weight, good suppression, and modularity.




The Vector is specifically designed for the person that wants to be able to shoot their 22 rimfire and not have to worry about maintenance schedules or difficult to clean designs. We set out to create a silencer that was simple in design and was also easy to maintenance. This silencer is such that it takes virtually no effort to remove the baffles from the tube, no matter how many rounds you fire through it!

It needs only a 3/8″ ratchet and  ships with the only special tool that is even remotely needed (it can be substituted for many other items that can be used to rotate the rear cap should it go missing). In all honesty, the rear cap can be removed with a two pin spanner or a single pin spanner just as easily. The baffles create a self contained environment to trap the dirt and debris inside of them and not between the baffles and the tube wall.

The baffles are made from 18-8 stainless steel and can be cleaned with any number of solvents or methods, the most popular of which is tumbled in stainless steel pins and soapy water. These are resistant to “the dip” should that be the normal mode of cleaning, even media blasting can be used on these baffles! They are designed with a gas dispersion ring on the baffle face that prevents the debris from impacting the joint where the two baffles meet and this is the magic in their ease of maintenance. Every baffle is identical so there is no special order to the system other than simple orientation that is done prior to final assembly.

Ease of cleaning is not the only criteria we used when designing this silencer. We also added a modular baffle design so that this silencer can be used in a short as well as long configuration so that is can be setup to the end users desires for the application that fits their needs best. The extension housing adds 1 inch to the length and two additional baffles if you choose to employ it. The extension housing reduces the sound signature aproximatly 5dB* depending on the host and such.

This silencer is at home on everything rimfire as well, we have tested it on everything from 22LR pistols to 22WMR rifles and it works really well on all of them. So if you have a rimfire firearm that you want to put a silencer on and don’t want to have to argue with, when it comes time to clean it, the Vector is the can for you!


Cleaning Instructions for the Vector : Click Here for Instructions


*dB signatures are very subjective and can be influenced by all sorts of variables. Try to test out the silencer you are looking to purchase if at all possible.

NOTE: This silencer does NOT ship with a 3/8″ drive ratchet, the end user is to supply this item.