The  Centurion is everything you want in a compact 9×19 pistol suppressor. It is designed to provide excellent suppression on 9mm handguns dry or wet. We designed it to be take apart since 9mm tends to run a little dirty, and this by default makes it suitable for 22LR as well. If there was ever a suppressor that is perfect for the nightstand, the Centurion would be it. The length added to the host firearm is only about 6″ allowing it to balance nicely with virtually any 9mm threaded handgun on the market today. We made this suppressor 34% shorter than the Mystic X by reducing the footprint a full 3 inches, making an extremely compact platform that handles well. This suppressor also performs very well on rimfire calibers as well as 300 Blackout carbines. Short, light and handy, this suppressor works well in many different roles.

centurion 9mm silencer

We made the Centurion silencer out of stainless steel and a titanium tube to make it lightweight yet durable at the same time. We also incorporated the wave-lok feature into the tube and core allowing for it to be tightened by gripping the silencer body instead of the just the mount at the back. We also protect the outside of the suppressor module with type C Cerakote to make for a durable finish as well as giving it good looks at the same time. IT is everything you could want in a compact 9mm handgun silencer.

We love using the Centurion pistol silencer on our HK VP9 Tactical as well as our Sig Sauer P226 pistol as well, both of these are excellent handguns that pair well with a small 9mm suppressor like the Centurion and will make for a wonderful system when you goto the range or just want something for what goes bump in the night. Lowering the sound signature is paramount to us and we want to make the experience the best that it possibly can be… If you want to learn more about the Centurion just give us a call or shoot us an email, we will glad to help!

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