With Christmas right around the corner, you know what makes a great gift idea…c’mon, you know what I am going to say… a t-shirt from our web store!!! (You thought I was going to say silencer, didn’t you?) We have a plethora of t-shirts to choose from and they will be in your mailbox in time for the big day if you order now…

As for getting a silencer for a Christmas gift, that is a great idea for the person that is patient, as it will take a while before they will be able to enjoy that new gift, but it is still an option! Additionally, if your special someone already has one of our modular silencers, mounts always make a great stocking stuffer!!! Don’t forget the mounts!!!

Anyway, if you have someone on your list and they like cool firearm things, then give our web store a look, we are sure you will find something that they will love!

Be safe out there!

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