Enough with the Cat’s Cradle !

Around here, we’re all big fans of suppressor covers. While they are great for mitigating the heat mirage coming off a hot can, we’re more in love not melting our digits when moving a can between hosts! There are a wide variety of covers on the market today, and we’ve used pretty much all of them, but we are personally big fans of the Cole-Tac Metal Python. Instead of having to thread paracord (or, God forbid, bungee) back and forth like Charlotte’s Web, Cole-Tac uses simple Boa straps to cinch the cover tight, and then held in place with good ole’ hook-and-loop. Pair that with the metal hardware, and this cover may just be the last one you need. The unique nature of the Boa straps keep the cover constricted in place for the long haul; even on larger rifles like 300 WM and 458 SOCOM. If you’re in the market for a suppressor cover, or are sick and tired of lacing yours up and then trying to figure out how to keep it from walking off the end of your can, take a look at these Metal Python covers from Cole-Tac. Like everything else they make, these covers are rock solid and will last a lifetime.



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