UPGRADE Mystic to Infiniti X

UPGRADE Mystic to Infiniti X


Turn your original Mystic, Infiniti or Mystic X into the Infiniti X.

Turn Around time is approx. two weeks or LESS.

This upgrade reduces weight while still maintaining versatility.

Just another way we are adding value for you.

*tube will be modified to conform to the new  “X” specs. – Model Name will not be modified

*Please Print your email receipt and put it inside the box w/ your suppressor and mail to 113 Gunsmoke Trail, Trenton GA, 30752.  We will get this processed for you right away.  Thanks !!

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This converts your Mystic, Infiniti, or Mystic X to an Infiniti X! What this does is reduce the weight to a mere 7.5 ounces for the suppressor module! Super light weight with pretty much all the same ratings of the Mystic X.

In with the new mystic x!

*This upgrade does not include mounts, they are in the photos simply for reference.

This following caliber list applies to this modification:

All rimfire – Full auto rated in rimfire calibers.

All pistol calibers up to 9mm bore – Full auto rated in pistol calibers that apply.

All rifle calibers up to 300 WIN MAG with the following restrictions :

  • 223/7.62×39/6.8SPC etc. – 11.5″ or longer semi auto only,
  • 308/30-06 family etc. – 18″ or longer semi auto only,
  • 300WIN MAG and equivalent energy – 22″ barrels and longer semi auto only.

All rifle calibers can be used with the LoPro FBA except the WIN MAG family which requires the full size FBA.

We will rebuild your silencer with the new titanium Infiniti X core and refinish it with fresh Cerakote so it will basically be brand new…without having to wait on a new tax stamp! Turn around time should be less than 2 weeks.



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