UPGRADE Mystic to Infiniti X


Turn your original Mystic, Infiniti or Mystic X into the Infiniti X.

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1 review for UPGRADE Mystic to Infiniti X

  1. Gibsoen

    verified owner
    June 6, 2023

    Liberty upgraded my old original Mystic suppressor to the new Infinity X. Total revamp, widely broadened my compatible caliber list. It is like a new suppressor that does everything the Mystic did, now at a lighter weight, and shoots way more and bigger capacity calibers. And it is still a user serviceable suppressor, yes you can take it down and clean it yourself. Rifle suppressor that is cast bullet friendly.
    It really is awesome. Machine work is beautiful. Finish is great. Communications and turnaround time were perfect. I highly recommend. This review is after getting my work done and shooting this thing extensively. I don’t do poof reviews after unwrapping it.
    EG in Texas

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