MSRP…………..$799 (Suppressed Barrel / with tools only)


Caliber: 22LR only
Length: 16.5”
Weight: 28.5 ounces (BARREL/SILENCER ASSEMBLY)
Barrel Specifics: 4.75” of rifled bore with the balance being silencer.
Integrally built into a match grade 10-22 target barrel.

This is a silenced barrel only.  Firearm is not included.

The Pinnacle 2 is designed to allow the end user to install a low key silencer built specifically for the 10-22 rifle system. It is specially engineered to allow the user to shoot bulk pack ammunition and maintain the subsonic performance of the suppressor module. It is built into a 10-22 match grade target barrel and is constructed in such a way that it will fit into any standard target barrel chassis, allowing the use of regular aftermarket target stocks as well as any normal 10-22 design???? receiver.  The Pinnacle 2 provides one of the most impressive suppressor experiences, as well as the ultimate in low key silencer design.

The system is the suppressed barrel only with the extraction tool. We do not provide a host rifle with this platform. It comes with extraction tool for dismantling it for cleaning as pictured. The screw jack extraction tool is an accessory that is part of the package and the end user provides a simple 5/16″ allen wrench to remove the front cap. That is all that is needed to dismantle this unit for cleaning, along with some oil and powder solvent.

Pinnacle Maintenance Video

*We also offer the Pinnacle 2 integrally suppressed barrel for the “Takedown Rifle.” This is a $100 modification fee. Customer supplies the rifle. Your original barrel will be returned to you.

Pinnacle 2 Metering Data


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