UPGRADE Mystic to New Mystic X (300WM Rated)

UPGRADE Mystic to New Mystic X (300WM Rated)


Turn your original Mystic, Infiniti or Gen 1 Mystic X into the current, 300 Win Mag Rated Mystic X.*

(Mystic X silencers with serial numbers below MX2600 are Gen 1 silencers)

Turn around time is approximately three weeks or LESS.

This upgrade will give you every feature of the New Mystic X.

Just another way we are adding value for you.

*tube will be modified to conform to the new  “X” specs. – Model Name and serial number will not be modified

*Please Print your email receipt and put it inside the box w/ your suppressor and mail to 113 Gunsmoke Trail, Trenton GA, 30752.  We will get this processed for you right away.  Thanks !

Your Mystic Info *


Out with the old…

Out with the old mystic

Out with the old mystic


And in with the new…

In with the new mystic x!

In with the new Mystic X!*

*This upgrade does not include mounts, they are in the photos simply for reference. However, if you send your FBA’s with your upgrade we can Cerakote them black free of charge.

This upgrade is available for the Mystic, Infiniti and Gen 1 Mystic X’s.

What others are saying : “I absolute love my mystic now that it was upgraded to the new core. It sounds MUCH quieter on my 308 and 6.5G than… ~Brian “


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