UPGRADE Mystic to New Mystic X (300WM Rated)


Turn your original Mystic, Infiniti or Gen 1 Mystic X into the current, 300 Win Mag Rated Mystic X.*

(Mystic X silencers with serial numbers below MX2600 are Gen 1 silencers)

Turn around time is approximately three weeks or LESS.

This upgrade will give you every feature of the New Mystic X.

Just another way we are adding value for you.

*tube will be modified to conform to the new  “X” specs. – Model Name and serial number will not be modified

*Please Print your email receipt and put it inside the box w/ your suppressor and mail to 113 Gunsmoke Trail, Trenton GA, 30752.  We will get this processed for you right away.  Thanks !

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