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Cosmic silencer is the ultimate PCC suppressor!

The Cosmic silencer by Liberty Suppressors is a 45 caliber pistol silencer.
The Cosmic is a 45 caliber silencer that works well on many calibers.

When you go to choose a silencer for a pistol caliber carbine there are many you can choose from. What we have found is the best is choice, from our experience, is a silencer capable of at least one caliber bigger than what you plan to use it on. This does several things to help you at once. It will lower back pressure in the system. making the gun cycle more naturally and cause less cycling issues, it will also reduce fouling that is blown back into the action of the firearm also aiding in proper operation of the carbine. The Cosmic silencer fits this role perfectly.

This is due to the fact that there is less back pressure in the system as the over bored suppressors is allowing more gas to flow forward during firing. The down side is that the silencer is slightly louder than a caliber specific design would be but not by much. To us here at Liberty Suppressors, the amount of suppression is negligible. Pistol Caliber Carbines like the 10mm Banshee from CMMG also dont have many options out there for a suppressor since they are larger than the typical 9mm bore that most silencers are made to fit.

IF you have questions about the Cosmic silencer or any of our pistol suppressors, just give us a call at 706-661-6911 or shoot us an email at support@libertycans.net (you can ask about rifle silencers too if you want)

Liberty Suppressors is a Georgia-based company with family values and a warm charm that makes some of the best silencers for guns on earth! When you purchase a Liberty silencer or silencer kit, you are joining a family of firearms enthusiasts that take great pride in owning and using high-quality Made in USA/ USA products. Here at Liberty, we offer the most cost effective silencers with many different payment options for our dealers and retail customers to choose from!

For our retail customers, Liberty has basically set up endless payment options for you! Our customers are only required to pay 50% down when purchasing a silencer. You can order online, over the phone, via email, or even sign up for our layaway program! Liberty Suppressor’s top tier customer service is here to help you whether this is your first or tenth time purchasing a silencer!

 The silencers are some of the best on earth, American made, from premium materials to exacting standards, you will love our silencers…

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