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Cole Tac Boss Bag

So why do we sell the Cole Tac Boss Bag? Because it works.

The Cole Tac Boss Bag is a little piece of kit that will go unnoticed until you need it. It is one of those items that you didnt know you needed till you use it and then you are like “where has this been all my life?” When we added these to our webstore almost 8 years ago, we wanted to support an American made company and also sell a high quality product. We achieved bot of these with this one little item.

Cole Tac Boss Bag

The Cole Tac boss bag is used mainly in PRS shooting (precision rifle series) or more simply put, it is the little support pillow that you use to adjust elevation in a long range rifle. When a person is shooting at distance the rifle has to be aligned with the target to incredible levels of accuracy and this is not easily done with out devices designed to assist in this task. The Cole Tac boss bag is one such device and this bag works extremely well while also being very light at the same time so it wont kill your back when you take it to the field. They are made with 1000 denier corder nylon for long live in the harshest of conditions. What this means is that the material they are made from is super tough and almost indestructible. They are also filled with a kind of polymer beads that dont absorb moisture as well so even if you get out in the rain with the boss bag, they wont soak up a ton of water and weigh you down.

If you are looking for a nice stable shooting surface for you long range hunts or if your just banging steel, these are a great addition to your range bag. We have them in stock in our webstore too, so click this link to hop over and grab one today!

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