A Silencer (or suppressor) is sometimes prone to loosening due to thermal expansion.

It is important to check the suppressor after firing 5 or 6 rounds to ensure it is not “shooting loose”. If it is loose, retighten and continue use. This should do it in most cases, but with some extreme firing schedule and rifle / silencer combinations, it is possible that it could work loose again. It should be checked again periodically, to make certain things are staying tight. CAUTION: The suppressor can get very hot during use, when checking to see if the silencer is tight on the firearm make sure to protect yourself from this heat.

With the explosive growth in the industry of ownership in silencers, a lot of people are coming into the community and have no idea of some of the nuances that surround suppressor use and care. We are trying to help bridge this gap in knowledge by writing about in these blog posts and sharing them with the community. 

556 Silencer Use…

A silencer like the Constitution 2 – a 556 hard use suppressor, can work loose due to several factors like the barrel threads could be slightly out of spec or the suppressor heats up more rapidly than the host weapon (this is actually the most common reason) and makes the silencer loose. Now keep in mind that if you tighten the suppressor while the system is hot, then when it cools, everything will get exponentially tighter. This can make it impossible to remove the suppressor after the session if you let the system cool first, sometimes it is easier to loosen the silencer prior to it being completely cool first. You will have to just work with it on an individual basis till you figure out what works for you.

constitution 2 556 hard use silencer

When you are shooting at the range, just remember to make sure you dont let your silencer shoot loose… Hope this helps with your experience and stay safe!

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