Check out this video about upgrading your Kodiak TL silencer to the all new Regulator!

When you see the difference in the Kodiak TL and the Regulator, it is easy to understand why you would want to do the upgrade. The Kodiak TL while being David’s personal favorite can of all time, has it’s short comings. The first silencer shortcoming is that the rear cap gages off of the rear of the tube. Should the tube become dented for any reason on this surface the silencer will not gage true and you are prone to get baffle strikes from this issue. So great care must be taken to insure the tube doesn’t get damaged. The second thing the Regulator does better is that is it just plain quieter.

You heard that right, the Regulator is just plain quieter than the Kodiak TL even though it has borrowed it’s suppression technology from the older generation, there is significant design improvements in this silencer to make it better.

The last thing that the Regulator upgrade gives the Kodiak TL suppressor is we add the wavelike feature eliminating the need to tighten the silencer really tight to prevent tube spin. This was one of the things we aspired to eliminate when we designed the Regulator and we deliberately started with a Kodiak TL tube to develop it with so that we knew it would be able to be upgraded if people wanted to do that. This is just another way we here at Liberty Suppressors are always looking to provide more value to our silencer owners.

If you want to get your Kodiak TL upgraded to the Regulator design, just give us a call and we can get that done for you. 706-661-6911 dials right to the peeps you need to talk to about your silencer!

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