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What is David’s favorite silencer?

David’s favorite silencer is the Kodiak TL.

kodiak tl rimfire silencer core

This is because the Kodiak TL was the first silencer in the rimfire world to be a monolithic core and to be well below the 120dB threshold as well. At least that we are aware of…

It took many iterations (from our best estimation, it looks like it was over 16 variations) to get it down to the 115-116dB level it operated at, but we did it. The silencer baffles were also very unique as well with no part of the core being replicated more than once. Back in the day, we were still experimenting heavily in all sorts of baffle technology and really had not settled on any certain structure for a rimfire can at that point… It did work, rather well I might add…but it was technically complicated to say the least and the machining was a painful experience as well. Many deep, small, tightly cornered pockets, made it a nightmare for the machinists that were tasked with cutting them out of the solid bar stock we made them from.

There was a lot of broken end mills that were sacrificed to make these silencers. With the super tight pockets and minimal radii, the cutters often couldn’t clear the chips properly and would do what is known as “recutting” and this would break the end mill. This was one of the many things that led us to the development of the Regulator a number of years later.

We also made the exact same baffle stack for our all titanium core Essence suppressor as well and that is what is pictured above. Below is an early version of the Kodiak TL that still has the plain front cap design that predates the cross slotted front cap that was the standard offering for the bulk of the manufacturing run. These suppressors were made with 300 series stainless steel in the core and had titanium tubes to reduce weight. The silencer has a nice deep tone that is very pleasant to hear for the user and especially when using subsonic ammunition in longer barreled rimfire rifles and pistols. The favorite ammunition has always been CCI Standard Velocity. This ammunition proves to be subsonic at the Liberty facility and is very consistent as well as accurate. We dont even buy anything else anymore if at all possible.

So do you have a favorite rimfire suppressor from days gone by? What is it? We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Until next time, keep your powder dry!

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The Importance of Buying American

As a Liberty Suppressors customer, you know how important it is to invest in quality, American-made products. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best silencers for guns and other products, and we believe that buying American-made is the best way to ensure that you get the highest quality product. Learn more below, then explore our online store today.


American-made products are held to higher standards than imported products, and are typically made with better materials and craftsmanship. This is especially true for Liberty Suppressors products, because we care about providing our customers with high-quality items that are made to stand the test of time. As the old saying goes, buy it nice or buy it twice, and with Liberty Suppressors, you can rest assured that you’re getting products that are built to last. Simply put, we aim to offer the absolute best firearm silencer on the market today.

Support American Jobs

When you buy American-made products, you are helping to support American workers and manufacturing jobs. There’s something incredibly satisfying about knowing that when you purchase a product, you’re helping a fellow countryman earn a living. Best of all, supporting American jobs goes  hand in hand with quality, because American workers are paid a fair wage for their work, as opposed to the questionable craftsmanship of many products produced in other parts of the world.


American-made products are often made with safety in mind, and are held to rigorous standards. In other parts of the world, labor laws don’t exist — and that leads to less safety (or no safety) measures on the jobsite at all. When you support American-made products, you’re letting it be known that you care about the safety of the people making the products you purchase.


By buying American-made products, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of imported goods. Other countries have fewer restrictions on producing items, and that can lead to pollution that makes the world less safe for everyone. 


American-made products often come with the latest technology and innovation. If there’s one thing our country is known for, it’s innovating! Everything from electric guitars to blue jeans to vehicles come from the ingenuity, creativity, passion, and skill of Americans who are dedicated to making better products that last.


For many, the reliability of the items they purchase is of the utmost importance. American-made products are often more reliable and have a longer lifespan than their imported counterparts, making them a better value overall. In many instances, the difference is night and day. Take a pair of U.S.-made work boots and compare them with a budget boot that’s made overseas and you’ll find the made-in-America pair is up to the challenge whereas the other pair is not. The same is true of our silencers. It’s what makes ours the best firearm suppressor available today.


Buying American-made products gives us a sense of pride in our country and our products. We’re proud to live in this great country, and that’s why we choose to be a company that proudly stands behind the importance of buying American whenever possible.


American-made products are held to higher standards than imported products, and in many cases, the businesses that produce these items provide better customer service and support. Take Liberty Suppressors for instance — we genuinely care about the products we make and the customers that support our company with a purchase. That’s why we’ll always take the time to make sure we provide the absolute best customer service when you contact us.

At Liberty Suppressors, we believe that buying American-made products is the best way to ensure you get the highest quality product. Our firearm silencers are made in the USA and held to the highest standards of quality, safety, and innovation. Invest in your future, and buy American-made products.

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Suppressor Cleaning 101

For gun enthusiasts, proper care of their suppressor as well as firearms is incredibly important. At Liberty Suppressors, we offer the best firearm silencers available, made here in the USA! Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality silencers and accessories, and part of what makes our products long-lasting and durable is practicing proper cleaning techniques. After frequent use, you may notice an accumulation of carbon and lead on your silencer, and for continued safe use of the silencer, we recommend cleaning your silencer thoroughly when needed. 

suppressor silencer

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

The type of suppressor you have will require different cleaning methods. For example, a pistol silencer will rarely need to be cleaned, whereas a rimfire silencer will need frequent cleaning. And, of course, how much lead ammo you use makes a difference in how frequently you will need to clean your suppressor too. Your silencer must be disassembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Our Liberty Suppressor products have their own cleaning instructions if you need more details! 


Once you’ve disassembled your silencer, it’s time to soak it in a cleaning solution. Our Swag Suppressor Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to properly clean your firearm silencers, including a cleaning solution. Allowing the silencer to soak will loosen the buildup of carbon and lead. 

Remove Buildup 

After your suppressor has soaked long enough to loosen the buildup, use a soft brush to gently scrub the inside of the silencer tubes to remove the buildup, and use a cotton swab to clean hard-to-reach areas. 

Dry and Reassemble

When your suppressor looks good as new again, you can wipe down all of the parts with the provided firearm cloth in our cleaning kit. It’s important to allow the silencer to fully dry before you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble it. 

As the suppliers of the best silencers for guns, we want to see that your suppressor can provide you with years of service. Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensuring the quality and safety of your suppressor, ensuring its integrity over time. If you’re ready to experience the Liberty Suppressor difference, shop our suppressors today! 

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