Liberty Suppressors uses 718 Inconel blast baffles in several rifle can (except the Constitution 2 and Amendment of course). This extends suppressor life to many thousands of rounds! Silencers are designed to live in a VERY harsh environment. In fact, it is one of the harshest environments I can think of to be honest about it. Extreme pressure events where the internal pressure spikes to crazy high levels. Then there is the particle impact damage from unburnt propellant particles and finally there is the heat…

Why do we use Inconel blast baffles?

The use of Inconel 718 in our hard use rifle cans is done for a plurality of reasons. In the below photo we see several different blast baffles designed to do different jobs. The main job is to absorb the abuse of the main blast of energy from the fired cartridge. This metal is VERY durable and has an incredible melting point lending itself to use in this application. There are other metals that do this job better, but they are expensive and even more difficult to work than Inconel 718.

We use Inconel 718 in both the Leonidas Gen 2 300 BLK integral upper as well as the Zulu 556 integral upper assembly. We also use it in our Agent 556 silencer too. In the past we have used it in many models like the Chaotic and the Torch also had Inconel 718 blast baffles. All of these suppressors were designed to be punished in their respective environs from high volume rifle fire. Also we get the question on occasion about why dont we just make the whole silencer out of it…? Well, to be honest, the suppressor would weigh a ton and would be insanely expensive and it would just be a waste of Inconel to be honest. There really is no benefit to using it past the first and maybe the second baffle. As the wear past this area is minimal and high grade stainless steel or titanium can handle this just fine.

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