Hello Everybody,

WE are busy getting ready for the fall season here at Liberty and have some interesting things to share with you!

First, we have released our 4oz. Heavy Buffer for the AR15 rifle platform, this buffer is designed to soften recoil and add some additional mass to aid in correcting ejection issues and assist in loading rounds from the magazine. These are made from stainless steel and are available in the web store for immediate access!

Follow this link to see it for yourself… AR15 Heavy Buffer

We are also now offering our LoPro FBA Mystic X mounts as a custom thread pitch option. This was previously not available due to production of the mounts, now we have ran a batch of blanks for you guys and gals that need a special thread pitch here and there. Follow the link below to find it in the drop down menu.

Custom LoPro FBA

Be on the lookout for other items coming up in the near future! We have a lot of things in the pipe that we think you will love!!!

Thank you and keep the guns quiet.

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