idf 10/22 clone reference photo

You can see in the picture above what is believed to be an IDF soldier fielding an original Ruger 10/22 Integral built rifle. The IDF 10/22 Clone project was basically a modified standard 10/22 with a big fat silencer to hush up the whole thing. They built the original gun for supersonic ammunition is my speculation. They most likely ported it to bleed off velocity to prevent the rounds from reaching the supersonic threshold. I am speculating a lot here as I have never been able to lay eyes on an original sample. On top of that, I have also not been able to see one dismantled either.

IDF 10/22 Clone by Liberty Suppressors

When we designed our clone of this exotic weapons system, we chose to use a standard 10/22 as well. Instead of porting the barrel on our IDF 10/22 Clone, we chose to simply recommend subsonic ammunition. Subsonic ammunition is plentiful today and ported designs are maintenance nightmares for the end user. The whole space where the porting occurs will build up material very quickly requiring a stringent maintenance regimen. The silencer will soon fail to work properly. The rounds easily going supersonic due to the port region being plugged with debris.

We also chose to make the design different in another way simply because of US late regarding the ownership of silencers. Choosing to use a stainless steel core and a titanium tube made the build much more durable. We would have liked to use aluminum like the original no about had, but it is not maintenance friendly. This is not a problem for any army as they will simple destry the non-serviceable unit and simply buy a new one to replace it with.

IDF 10/22 clone suppressed barrel
IDF 10/22 suppressed barrel

I have here a picture of our IDF 10/22 Clone and you can see some of the subtle differences. The first difference is that we cut our knurling in a turning center and the original is traditional french knurls. We diligently worked on making our clone look as close to the original as possible. We wanted the end user to have a better experience as the original military personnel that fielded these rigs.

This project is one of our favorite integrals to shoot and for good reason. It is absolutely dead ringer quiet. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will get you squared away ASAP.

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