.308 Suppressor Designs

There are a ton of .308 suppressor designs out there on the market today. We have stayed with the monolithic core design for several reasons though. Our silencers in this category have several features that are not available in other assembly techniques. Things like being able to replace the core if it gets damaged is a big one. The rear mounting section can be easily replaced if say you drop it on the threads. We offer models that have replaceable front and rear caps so it is a simple operation to replace these items should they become damaged.

The Amendment 308 silencer is a great .308 suppressor.

Options for many uses

We make many different models that will cover this wonderful caliber. Models like our Mystic X for one can be used as a .308 suppressor even though it is actually a great multi caliber suppressor. Our Amendment is a no frills model that is great if you want to dedicate a silencer to one host weapon and just leave it there. Our Sovereign is a great titanium suppressor that has a plethora of features that run the gambit of options available.

The Mystic X while being fairly small, works really well in this class for suppression. The Mystic X is used regularly by many as a hunting rifle silencer once it is outfitted with one of our suppressor covers. It’s light weight combined with the massive catalog of adapters makes it an obvious choice for this role.

The Amendment is our latest addition to this caliber. This silencer was designed from the outset to cover the bases needed and nothing more. It doesn’t have interchangeable…anything. It direct threads to a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle and just makes it quiet. No fancy front cap machining or anything like that makes it VERY budget friendly when it comes to a great .308 suppressor.

sovereign rifle silencer .308 suppressor

The Sovereign is our flagship .308 suppressor and should be considered if you are serious about weight reduction compared to stainless models. The excellent suppression and the ability to mount it over our muzzle brakes and flash hiders as well. We love this silencer in particular for these features and the fact that it looks so darn cool as well. Did I mention it ships with an Armageddon Gear mirage cover so it works better in the field as well.

No matter what your .308 suppressor needs we have you covered here at Liberty Suppressors.

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