When we set out to make the original Constitution silencer it was originally intended for use on the FN P90 in 5.7mm but quickly became a fan favorite in the 5.56mm community instead. While it did see some adoption by the 5.7mm community, we have sold so many to 5.56 NATO owners instead that we officially changed the caliber designation years ago to reflect this.

Pictured above is the original Constitution alloy steel silencer.

This silencer is rugged, simple and has great suppression. This is part of why it has become an almost iconic suppressor, but the main reason is that it is dead simple to use. You see the Constitution didnt have all those complex widgets or mounts or springs to get stuck. It is a simple direct thread suppressor that works. We found that most people are in one of two camps, they either want all the complexity of the QA mounting systems out there or they want something dead simple, literally just screw it on the rifle and go shoot.

We wanted to make the most user friendly design possible so we chose direct thread only here, we also wanted to keep costs down so it doesn’t have a ton of parts in the build. In fact it only has two parts. Yeah, two… The tube and the core is the whole thing, this does many things in a good way. One of those things is it all but eliminates stacking tolerance issues between parts since the rear cap, baffles, and the front cap are all one solid, homogenous piece of alloy steel. There are no part connections internally to get out of alignment. As long as the rear threads are square and the rear face is true to the bore, the can is good to go.

New 5.56 can, constition 2.

When we decided to improve this venerable design, we decided two things right away. The first was to change the tube material from 4140 alloy steel to Grade 9 titanium reducing weight while not sacrificing strength. The next one was to change the core material from 4140 alloy steel to 17-4 PH stainless steel and have the core nitrided like the original suppressor to give it a gorgeous black finish as well as make it incredibly durable at the same time. Silencers like this are not easy to find today in a market filled with gimmicks and widgets. Do you want a quiet suppressor that wont break the bank? The Constitution 2 is your answer.

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