A multi caliber suppressor is something you need to look at more carefully than you think. When choosing a swiss army knife of sorts like this, you want to take all the things into consideration that you will need for it to fill your needs and do that well.


I personally love the Infiniti X silencer for use as my personal multi caliber suppressor when I grab one. This is because it can do literally everything the Mystic X can do. It weighs almost half what the Mystic X weighs though. You see, weight is a big factor when it comes to multi caliber suppressor choices. This is because there will be times when this silencer is pressed into service on hunting rigs. If you carry you gear for any length of time, you know that weight is the enemy of a good experience. So, I automatically gravitate to the Infiniti X because of this one item alone.

multi caliber suppressor
Infiniti X Multi Caliber Suppressor Front Cap


Another reason I love the Infiniti X for my use as a multi caliber suppressor is that it can handle calibers all the way up to 300 Win Mag. Those long range rifles are easily protected from excessive noise as well due to this fact. But the best use on a rifle is a lever action 357 MAG with 38 Special subsonic loads is magical. When it comes to rifles and silencers in my book this is the pinnacle. If you have never heard this combination, I highly recommend you find one and try it for yourself. It is life changing…


Another thing to consider is the choice of mounting solutions for your multi caliber suppressor. When looking to mount it on several different host weapons it becomes necessary to use many different mounts to get it on those weapons. Having a silencer that has a nice well established set of mounts is important to that development. This is another reason we love the Mystic X, Infiniti X, Cosmic and Centurion family of silencers, they have a huge selection of mounts for virtually any firearm out there.

So if your looking for something like this, dont hesitate to give us a call and talk to us about it, we are here for you. Till next time, keep your powder dry!

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