22LR Silencer choices

When people start looking for a 22LR suppressor, they normally look for one that has as many options as possible for calibers as they want as many choices as they can get for the same dollar spent. This makes perfect sense as the user would be wise to do this…for a multipurpose silencer…

A 22LR silencer should fill that role really well and not really any other. The only real exception to this is other rimfire calibers like 17HMR and 22WMR. But you will want it to be as quiet as possible on 22LR as the main suppressor application. We tend to get hung up on options here in the United States for some reason and that is not always a good thing.

The right choice…

22LR is a caliber that is special in that is can be made to be subsonic without too much work. this is different from almost all other calibers on the market. The 22LR is the right combination of bullet weight and velocity that there are several choices of ammunition that can easily be driven to the subsonic level without much effort. One brand that comes to mind right away is CCI Standard Velocity, even with it’s claimed supersonic velocity on the box, it routinely comes in as subsonic. It works so well in fact that we use it exclusively for our testing ammunition here at the facility!

So if you like to shoot 22LR, just get a suppressor to fit that round and one that works really well for it and don’t worry if it can handle 22-250 or some such. Are you REALLY going to be shooting these other calibers on your rimfire can? Most people will answer “No” if they are honest with themselves here.

When you choose your rimfire silencer, simply be honest with yourself and if you wont be shooting it on anything other than 22LR (and this applies to most people) Then save yourself the headache and just get a really good 22LR silencer. We make two different ones and they both excell at two different things well. The Regulator is just drop dead quiet, that is it’s claim to fame. Ridiculous suppression and a light weight package. The other suppressor is the Vector and this silencer, while not as quiet as the regulator, is designed for ease of maintenance in mind. This way you can choose based on which camp you live in. The ease of maintenance camp or the absolute suppression camp.

vector silencer

I hope this little article has helped someone and if you want to know more, just shoot us and email and support@libertycans.net or go here and fill out the contact us form. Thank you!

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