If you have never shot a 22LR suppressor then I strongly recommend you either find a friend with one or goto a range that will rent you one. Thi9s is a treat you have to experience to understand. The rifle suppressor world is one that invokes movie gun levels of “quiet” and tonal qualities and when you get the instant feedback from steel targets it just turns the whole thing up another level!

The regulator Ti is one of the lightest rimfire silencers on the market today.

When I goto the range I normally take a Regulator Ti 22LR suppressor and a Ruger MK II pistol. I know this is old school, but it is my favorite host weapon. Today you can get the newer version of this wonderful handgun from Ruger with several improvements. The Regulator Ti is one of the quietest 22LR suppressor options on the market and is incredibly light at less than just 4 ounces! This makes it literally disappear on the end of your host weapon since it weights less than most muzzle brakes.

Another great choice is the Vector as it is designed from the ground up with ease of maintenance in mind and it also has several other features that make it attractive to the 22LR suppressor owner. Some of these are things like, modularity and the fact that it can be dismantled with simple hand tools for cleaning. A lot of people like the fact that when used with subsonic ammunition on a 22LR rifle, it can be configured to be just 5″ long so it is more compact and still provides world class suppression. We have a couple of youtube videos about the features of this suppressor and one where we shoot over two thousand rounds through it and then show how easy it is to clean it afterwards. Once you watch this video you can see why this design is so desirable to the 22LR suppressor owner.

Both of these 22LR suppressor options are only as good as the host weapon and the and good quality subsonic ammunition used in them. Without these two items the whole system is kinda moot, and you will need see the actual benefits of a good quality suppressor. But with good subsonic ammunition like CCI Standard Velocity you will see stellar performance and it is life changing. I hope this helps oyu with your 22LR suppressor decision making process and if you have any questions just give us a call as 706-661-6911 or email us at support@libertycans.net

Until next time, keep your powder dry!

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