Choosing a 350 Legend Suppressor is easy.

OK, now we have to look a little at what makes a good 350 Legend Suppressor. We just happen to have a one so lets take a closer look and see what we have.

The first thing a good 350 Legend Suppressor needs a to be made from durable materials. This is why we don’t use aluminum here, it has two strikes against it right out of the gate. One is low tensile strength and the other is fatigue life. The problem with aluminum for me is that fatigue issue, when it fails, it fails catastrophically when it does. This is cool if you want a dramatic show, but not so much when you want to keep your rifle nice and quiet.

silencer suppressor carbine AR15 goliath 350 legend suppressor

Special metals we do like

Metals like titanium and high grade stainless steels are our preferred metals. These metals have good cost versus features for our needs. You see, there are technically better metals out there, but they are very expensive to buy and work with in general. So it winds up costing so much more to use these special alloys. You see, no one wants to pay the price it would cost to use them. Because of these factors alone, we chose 17-4PH Stainless Steel and 6AL4V Titanium for our needs.

Our Goliath while being primarily designed for the 458 SOCOM and the 338 Lapua Magnum works exceedingly well. It can be used on many big bore cartridges available today and the 350 Legend is no exception. It is constructed mainly of titanium with a few parts made from stainless steel. The core and tube being titanium makes this silencer very light for it’s size. This was one of our primary design requirements aside from sound suppression. We wanted it to not be a burden to deploy into the field when on a hunting trip.

Sound Suppression can not be overstated…

This catagory is where we put almost all of our emphasis when we design a silencer. We feel the whole point of having the suppressor on your firearm is to reduce the sound signature. This first and foremost spec leads us to make some “out of the box” designs to make sure our users are happy. For one we design specific baffle geometry for each model that is specific for the type of rounds being used. We will sacrifice other specs for this, like size is an easy one to think of here… This is why the Goliath silencer is 2″ in diameter, it just makes sense when suppressing a 338 Lapua or 350 Legend.

All that aside a 350 Legend Suppressor like the Goliath will serve most anyone perfectly for many years. This is why we recommend it so much when we do, it just works and works really well. Be sure to consider all the aspects of a silencer when looking for your 350 Legend Suppressor and not fall for clever marketing. I hope this has helped eve na little when looking for your big bore silencer needs. If you have more questions, just reach out to us either by email or phone and we will do our best to answer your questions. Stay safe!

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