best multi caliber suppressor

Best Multi Caliber Suppressor Idea

When thinking of what makes the best multi caliber suppressor, one has to look at what they need in a silencer like this. The suppressor needs to be versatile, yes, but it also needs some other things to make it more useful in a variety of roles. We have been making multi purpose silencers for a very long time, so we feel we can speak on this subject with confidence.

The first thing that comes to mind is obvious, the best multi caliber suppressor needs to handle a huge amount of caliber variations. This can be genre specific or it can cover a ton of different areas. Things like rimfire firearms and centerfire pistol calibers are just a few.

Rifle/Pistol/Rimfire or what?

Does a multi purpose silencer have to fit every role imaginable? No. It only has to fit the roles it is designed for really well. The Infiniti X fits many roles well and several incredibly well. Just to name a few things that this suppressors has been used on with great success are.

  1. Booster Operated Pistol Silecner
  2. Non-booster Operated Pistol Silencer (Usually Rimfire but some centerfire too)
  3. Direct Thread Hunting Rifle Suppressor
  4. Direct Thread Carbine Suppressor
  5. Direct Thread Precision Rifle Suppressor
  6. Direct Thread Rimfire firearms in general.

I am sure there are more but I cant think of them at the time of this writing. The Infiniti X excels at all of these roles and weighs almost nothing while doing it. The weight is actually why it works so well in pistol and hunting rifle applications, it is not a burden to carry.

There are other silencers that have been classed as the best multi caliber suppressor, but the opinion of Liberty Suppressors is the Mystic X silencer are the absolute best. Some might consider our opinion biased, but it can be right too… We love our multi purpose silencers and we feel you will too. If you want to know more, you can find more info on our website at the links embedded in this blog post or just give us a call. We are here to help you find the right silencer for your needs.

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