308 Suppressor Information

When the term 308 suppressor comes up, most people never bat an eye at their favorite rifle silencer and just what is going on in that thing when you use it on your favorite rifle. The need for a silencer that can handle 15,000 PSI momentarily and the shock of going from ambient atmosphere to this kind of pressure also requires certain design specs.

sovereign mount 308 suppressor

Silencer Material

The material for a 308 suppressor needs to have certain characteristics. Things like high strength and shock resistance are really obvious, but it also needs to be light weight to be able to be fielded without causing undue fatigue with the end user. A hunter carrying a rifle equipped with a silencer doesn’t want a lot of additional weight hanging on the end of the barrel. The only adage of ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain still applies no matter how cool you look with your suppressor… It also needs to have good thermal properties as well. The metal needs a really high melting point…for obvious reasons, but it also needs good thermal reactance or minimal growth from heating. This allows the suppressor to maintain it’s original form longer and this reduces deviations in the suppressor so point of impact is altered less. This equates to a better grouping suppressor and rifle combination.

308 Suppressor Size

This seems obvious also, but you have to consider that we have been in the business so long that we have seen several trends come and go over the years. Trends like the 10″ long rifle cans (which produced a wonderful deep tone by the way) to the super short “knocking off the edge” stubby rifle cans of a few years ago to the newer mid range and larger diameter designs of today that range in the 7 to 8″ size frame but are 1 5/8″ to 1 3/4″ diameter size instead. All of these designs have their own merits but the team at Liberty has always thought that sound performance should be the first and foremost spec. Due to this philosophy, we have never really embraced the little tiny silencers but have stayed true to our mission and kept them more reasonable in size. This means we made 308 suppressor designs that were longer at times to get better tonal performance or we made specialized baffle designs like our fabled Square Bore Technology in the Freedom series of silencers. I hope these things have shed some light on your 308 suppressor needs and help you to understand what makes a silencer like this good.

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