Liberty Suppressors Torch Q.A.
Quick Attachment Suppressor System
No Longer Available


Caliber: 5.56MM, Full Auto Rated
Length : 8″
Diameter : 1.5″
Material : 300 Series Stainless Steel / Inconel Blast Baffle
Weight : 20 oz w/ no Mount. 23oz including Mount.
Approx. dB Overall: 132.7 dB (including First Round Pop)
Approx. dB Reduction: 33 dB
Mounting Type: Included Quick Attach Mount System
Finish: C-Series Cerakote
The Torch QA mount is designed to fit on 11.5″ and longer barrels only





The Torch QA utilizes a quick attach design that is intended for rapid deployment when suppression is needed in specific situations. The mount replaces the original crush washer that fits between the flash hider and barrel shoulder. The Torch QA is designed to work with any standard flash hider on the market today, with the silencer itself telescoping over the hider. With this design, the overall added length to the weapon is only 6 inches.


Please note that this mounting device will only fit barrels .740″ and less in diameter (regular AR15 barrel profiles will fit just fine.). Your barrel may need to have a special profile machined on it to accept this mount if it is too large in diameter. The TQA mount requires 1.27″ of barrel from the rear shoulder of the barrel threads to be unobstructed for clearance. This is the spacing on an 11.5″ upper with a traditional FSB installed complete with bayonet lug. Longer barrel lengths will work fine as well as there is sufficient clearance ahead of the front sight base to clear the mount. Uppers from 10″ to 11″ will not work with this mount.


Additional mounts ……….. $85 each  (Just give us a call if you need to order some)


Instructions & Cleaning

Torch Q.A. Installation Instructions (click to open)

Torch QA Metering Data


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