Among the best features of the Liberty Suppressors product line is the fact that many older suppressors in our multi-caliber series can be upgraded to the most current version, and in some cases even other versions. In this post I explain what the upgrade is, how it works both physically and legally, which silencers can and cannot be upgraded to new models, and the differences in capabilities between them to help you decide which path is best for your needs.

What is an upgrade?

An upgrade is essentially a re-core of an existing silencer that has been purchased and transferred to the end user. When we receive a suppressor for upgrade we disassemble it, discard any parts that are to be replaced, and replace them with the new or different versions. We also will clean out the tube, and repaint everything so the user gets back what is essentially a brand new can for roughly half the cost of a new suppressor.

You do not need to fill out any ATF paperwork when doing an upgrade. We will never replace the tube, or modify the information on it. In fact, you can mail it directly to us and we can mail it directly back to you without any need for an FFL / SOT or any federal wait time. If you’re sending in an older Mystic or Infiniti (pre “Mystic X” generations) then we’ll slightly shorten the tube and add the wave lock feature as well, but the silencer’s overall length remains unchanged. All upgrades will look identical to the current generation version of that silencer, including the low profile lock ring and back front cap.

Which silencers can be upgraded?

Not all silencers are capable of being upgraded. The main one that can’t is the Cosmic. The reason for this has nothing to do with the physical limits of the suppressor itself, but rather ATF regulations. We engrave the Cosmic tube with the caliber mark “45 ACP”, and therefore must always be able to fire that caliber safely. All available upgrade paths other than the Cosmic upgrade are 9mm bore cores, and if we were to install one into a Cosmic then that suppressor would be in violation of ATF policy and illegal. Fortunately, the list of suppressors that we can upgrade is far more comprehensive. The Mystic, Infiniti, Mystic X, and Infiniti X are all eligible for the standard upgrade paths. Standard paths are upgrading to the Mystic X, Cosmic, or Infiniti X.

Which upgrade path is right for you?

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are better suited for rifles, and some for pistols. We recommend that you decide what you want your silecer to be designed to do, and choose the upgrade that matches that best.

Mystic X

The most popular option is the Mystic X upgrade. As previously stated, we can upgrade several suppressors to the Mystic X style core, including the Mystic X. This may seem circular, so allow me to explain. Over the course of producing the Mystic X we found that if we were to rearrange our supporting structure inside the core and use a higher-grade stainless steel, we could support more rifle calibers and shorter barrels on existing calibers. We implemented this in all Mystic X silencers starting with serial number MX2600 and above at no additional cost to the end user. However, for the hundreds already out there we offered the upgrade program. This allows them to get those same caliber ratings in their suppressors. Compared to the other upgrade paths, the Mystic X gives you the maximum amount of rifle calibers, including 300 Win Mag and 5.56 down to 11.5” barrels.


The Cosmic upgrade is another popular path. This gives your suppressor the ability to shoot larger bore rounds, such as the .45 ACP, 10mm, and many others. Although the bore is now much larger in comparison to a 9mm can like the Mystic X or Infiniti X, it still suppresses the 9mm rounds quite well. The main limitation of the Cosmic style core is in regards to rifle rounds. This design only has about 6 baffles, and they’re designed to support low-pressure rounds. As opposed to the Mystic X style core that we gave about three times the baffles and is designed for higher-pressure rounds. The Cosmic upgrade is a fantastic option that is intended for pistol calibers, but can still handle many rifle rounds with some caveats.

Infiniti X

The final option, and my personal favorite, is the Infiniti X upgrade. This gives all of the capabilities of the Mystic X, while being significantly lighter due to its titanium core. All around a good choice, this option is geared towards rifles and can handle a lot more pressure than the Cosmic, but is not rated for anything larger than 9mm in diameter.

Of course, it’s ultimately up to the end user to decide which path is best for you. Once a can has been upgraded it can be upgraded again if you so choose, so you aren’t tied to any particular type. As always, if you have any questions or need any more information you can reach out to the sales team at or call us at (706) 661-6911 and we will do our best to help you.

About the author: Noah has worked at Liberty Suppressors since early 2012, starting out working production on the shop floor and has been working in the R&D and tech departments since late 2015.

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