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New Videos are on the way!

We have talked to David and he agrees that we need more video content for you guys. We went to the main questions we get on the telephone and email and compiled a list of subjects based on these questions. We are starting with the mount series explaining the mounts and how to use them. Next will be content explaining and demonstrating many of our suppressors to show what all they are capable of. Stay tuned for more videos!!! They are mainly on youtube, but as we get time, we will upload them to FB as well.

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Blacklist Industries Barrels: A Match Made in Heaven


So, being a suppressor company, we here at Liberty are always on the lookout for quality silencer accessories. One of the first things purchased after a suppressor is almost always a threaded barrel. We’ve tried barrels from all sorts of aftermarket manufacturers, as well as OEM threaded options, but we’re always looking for the best thing out there. Enter the Blacklist Industries Ultra Match Glock Barrels. We like these things so much we’ve added them to our web store! They’re made from certified 416R Stainless Steel, and have all the boxes ticked when it comes to stats. Threaded, fluted, recessed crowned, match fit, thread protector included. There is just tons to like about this. Even the packaging is sharp with the barrels coming in a Blacklist branded plastic clamshell case, laser cut foam, and PVC patch and some stickers. If you’re looking to add a threaded barrel to your arsenal, we just can’t recommend these barrels from Blacklist Industries enough. Oh yeah, did I mention that they also do M&P threaded and non threaded barrels and a ton of other cool accessories as well?

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Liberty Suppressors Centurion


The  Centurion is everything you want in a compact 9×19 pistol suppressor. It is designed to provide excellent suppression on 9mm handguns dry or wet. We designed it to be take apart since 9mm tends to run a little dirty, and this by default makes it suitable for 22LR as well. If there was ever a suppressor that is perfect for the nightstand, the Centurion would be it. The length added to the host firearm is only about 6″ allowing it to balance nicely with virtually any 9mm threaded handgun on the market today. We made this suppressor 34% shorter than the Mystic X by reducing the footprint a full 3 inches, making an extremely compact platform that handles well. This suppressor also performs very well on rimfire calibers as well as 300 Blackout carbines. Short, light and handy, this suppressor works well in many different roles.

centurion 9mm silencer

We made the Centurion silencer out of stainless steel and a titanium tube to make it lightweight yet durable at the same time. We also incorporated the wave-lok feature into the tube and core allowing for it to be tightened by gripping the silencer body instead of the just the mount at the back. We also protect the outside of the suppressor module with type C Cerakote to make for a durable finish as well as giving it good looks at the same time. IT is everything you could want in a compact 9mm handgun silencer.

We love using the Centurion pistol silencer on our HK VP9 Tactical as well as our Sig Sauer P226 pistol as well, both of these are excellent handguns that pair well with a small 9mm suppressor like the Centurion and will make for a wonderful system when you goto the range or just want something for what goes bump in the night. Lowering the sound signature is paramount to us and we want to make the experience the best that it possibly can be… If you want to learn more about the Centurion just give us a call or shoot us an email, we will glad to help!

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An ounce of prevention . . .

IMG_8048Nobody likes cleaning take apart cans, especially us! It doesn’t take much shooting at all, especially 22 or 9mm, to get a suppressor so gunked up you can barely get it apart, let alone all the scrubbing and scraping to get it back to some semblance of clean. It’s one of those tasks that is definitely worth it, but never quite as satisfying as breaking down and cleaning your favorite firearm. When thinking about cleaning a take apart silencer, the old adage is ever true, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or, in our case, a few drops of CLP are worth an hour of scrubbing! When you get that new Centurion (or any other take apart can), take a few minutes to “clean” it first. Since it’s brand new, there isn’t any actual cleaning to be done, but getting a good, thin layer of quality CLP before the first shot will go a long way to cut down on carbon and lead buildup. We’re fond of Rand CLP around here and find it works well for this and many other daily functions. Starting out with a little CLP on the surfaces of the core and inner surface of the tube is no cleaning “magic bullet”, but it will help. And any time saved in cleaning is always a welcome surprise!

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Shore up your long range game with Cole-Tac Boss Bags.

Cole Tac Boss Bag

Any accuracy in shooting relies on a stable platform, be it your skeletal frame or a shooting bench. For years, shooters have relied on shooting bags to help create that solid platform in the field. The Boss Bag from Cole-Tac is one of the best such bags in the business, and we at Liberty Suppressors are proud to be carrying them in our web store. Whether using it under the fore end on a varied surface like rocks, or using it as a rear bag on a bench, this bag has all the features you need and none of the gimmicks you don’t. The Boss Bags are hand made using 1000 denier Cordura and come filled with a non-absorbing polymer. The hardware is extremely durable and the adjustable strap is placed perfectly for tightening to make an easy to grasp shape while leaving the maximum amount of adjustment. If you’re in the market for a solid shooting bag, give the Boss Bag by Cole-Tac a shot.

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Mystic X to Cosmic Upgrade, aka The Classic – Hot Rodded

If  you’ve already purchased a Mystic or Mystic X, first off, we want to say Thanks! We hope  you like it as much as we do and we’re truly honored that you’ve trusted us with your hearing, your time, and your hard earned money. As much as we love the Mystic line of cans, our R&D team has worked their juju-magic and made it possible for you to upgrade your Mystic or Mystic X to the new Cosmic 45! You’ll have all the versatility of the suppressor  you’ve come to love, while adding all the new calibers of the Cosmic – up to 45ACP. The tube will be modified slightly to conform to the Cosmic specs but the model name and serial number will not be altered. By doing this, we’ve eliminated the need for another stamp! You can purchase this upgrade on our Web Store HERE. Once purchased, simply print your receipt, put it in the box with your can and send it straight to us. No need to go through your Class III dealer. The turn around time on this is currently sitting at around three weeks or less, and we’ll have your baby safely back in your arms! Just one more way we’re looking to add value for our Liberty Family!cosmic

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Indexing Your Suppressor Booster

So you just got your new Cosmic Suppressor (or Mystic X or Centurion) and you’re pumped. Trust us, we know the feeling! You head to the nearest range to try this bad boy out, but something is off. You know your pistol is dead on at 15 yards, but when you screw on your new can, you’re shooting low and right about 1″, pretty consistently. What’s the deal?

Point of impact (POI) shift is a standard phenomena that occurs when shooting with a suppressor. The baffles inside a suppressor are designed, essentially, to cause turbulence in the gasses leaving the barrel of the firearm when a round is fired. This turbulence is what causes the gasses to slow down and cool slightly before leaving the end of the suppressor, thus reducing the sound of the muzzle blast. Some of these turbulent gasses can push the bullet slightly, causing a POI shift. Barring anything out of the ordinary, like a baffle strike or unstable round, this POI shift should be consistent and repeatable.

Fig 1 Suppressor booster compressed

The suppressor or silencer booster is in the ready to use position

A great trick with the suppressor booster assembly, is the ability to index the suppressor, or rotate it while mounted, to be able to adjust the POI slightly. This can be done by simply utilizing the way the booster assembly and how it is actually made. First, visually and physically verify the firearm is cleared of any ammunition and the safety is on. Second, make sure the suppressor is not hot to the touch. Grasp the firearm with your dominant hand, remembering rule four of firearm safety by keeping your finger out of the trigger guard. {Fig. 1} Grasp the suppressor firmly with your support hand and pull it out, in a straight line, away from the firearm, compressing the booster assembly spring. {Fig. 2} You can then rotate the suppressor and allow the piston to drop back into any of the 10 slots in the housing.

Fig 2 - Suppressor booster extended to allow indexing to next detent position.

Silencer or suppressor booster assembly extended by hand for indexing.

For example, if you find that with your suppressor, you are shooting low and right (4 o’clock), most shooters will index the silencer counter clockwise 3-4 positions to move the POI to directly above center (12 o’clock). This allows the shooter to know exactly where to aim when shooting targets.

We hope you found this information helpful and make sure to check back on the bulletin board for more tips and tricks to come. As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot an email. Thanks and safe shooting. If you want to interact with us on social media, just click the link and be transported magically to our FB page!

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The Cosmic – The Most Versatile 45 Can Available

We at Liberty have designed the most versatile 45 ACP pistol suppressor available. This unit can be used on several different calibers which include all the ones that the Mystic X is rated for as well as the list shown below. The Cosmic is also backwards compatible with all the mounting solutions we already have in place. Give your dealer a call today to get yours! By using our new bi-directional baffle technology, this suppressor is able to use a stainless steel core and be lighter in weight at the same time.


1911cosmic web

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Leonidas Titanium Core Saves Almost 1/2 Pound of Muzzle Weight for Only $280 More!

1/2 pound might not sound like much but add that to the end of your barrel and try to hit a small target at 100 yards and see what a difference it can make!

Now Liberty Suppressors offers our Leonidas line of suppressors in Titanium. By requesting a Titanium core in your Leonidas when you place your initial order, the total cost only increases by $280.

Visit the Leonidas TI Page here to check it out and give us a call to order yours today!

leo titanium

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New and Improved Booster Design and Finish

Our Research and Design Department have been at it again! This time the Recoil Booster comes away with a new look.











A new design in Melonite treated Stainless Steel for long life! What is Melonite? It’s a chemical process to the metal, not a coating. This treatment helps the piston function better by giving it less resistance inside the housing. It also keeps the booster looking newer longer due to a more resilient finish. Stop by the Web Store today and check it out!

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3 Lug Mount Suppressor Adapter for the Mystic X, Cosmic, Infiniti X and Centurion Silencers


The Liberty 3 lug mount adapter is made entirely of stainless steel for long life and durability. We designed this mount specifically for the H&K MP5 (9MM) family of guns. The surface of all parts is treated with a black nitride coating to provide excellent wear resistance as well as give the device a nice appearance. This device is backwards compatible with the original Mystic and the Infiniti as well. Adding just over an inch to the system this is also one of the shortest 3 lug mounts available.

Liberty Suppressor 3 lug mount
The Liberty Suppressor 3 lug silencer mount is designed for suppressors like the Mystic X, Infiniti X, Cosmic and Centurion.

Length Added: 1.050″
Diameter: 1.375″
Weight: 5 ounces
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Black Nitride
MSRP: $165

Visit the General Web Store Here

IF you have a HK MP5 or any of it’s derivatives, then this is the device for you that allows attachment of the Liberty Suppressors Mystic X, Infiniti X, Cosmic or even the Centurion silencer to your carbine. This is not a high pressure rifle mount system though and as such is not designed for the pressure levels of that a rifle silencer will experience in use, care should be taken to not mix this mount with 556 carbines as damage and possible bodily harm could occur. Stay safe out there !

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Are You Shooting Loose?

Suppressors are sometimes prone to loosening due to thermal expansion. It is important to check the suppressor after firing 5 or 6 rounds to ensure it is not “shooting loose”. If it is loose, retighten and continue use. This should do it in most cases, but with some extreme firing schedule and rifle combinations, it is possible that it could work loose again. It should be checked again periodically, to make certain things are staying tight. CAUTION: The suppressor can get very hot during use, when checking to see if the suppressor is tight on the firearm make sure to protect yourself from this heat.

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Kodiak TL to Regulator Upgrade

Check out this video about upgrading your Kodiak TL silencer to the all new Regulator!

When you see the difference in the Kodiak TL and the Regulator, it is easy to understand why you would want to do the upgrade. The Kodiak TL while being David’s personal favorite can of all time, has it’s short comings. The first silencer shortcoming is that the rear cap gages off of the rear of the tube. Should the tube become dented for any reason on this surface the silencer will not gage true and you are prone to get baffle strikes from this issue. So great care must be taken to insure the tube doesn’t get damaged. The second thing the Regulator does better is that is it just plain quieter.

You heard that right, the Regulator is just plain quieter than the Kodiak TL even though it has borrowed it’s suppression technology from the older generation, there is significant design improvements in this silencer to make it better.

The last thing that the Regulator upgrade gives the Kodiak TL suppressor is we add the wavelike feature eliminating the need to tighten the silencer really tight to prevent tube spin. This was one of the things we aspired to eliminate when we designed the Regulator and we deliberately started with a Kodiak TL tube to develop it with so that we knew it would be able to be upgraded if people wanted to do that. This is just another way we here at Liberty Suppressors are always looking to provide more value to our silencer owners.

If you want to get your Kodiak TL upgraded to the Regulator design, just give us a call and we can get that done for you. 706-661-6911 dials right to the peeps you need to talk to about your silencer!

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The Liberty Leonidas Lower

The Liberty Leonidas 300BLK AR15 Lower half is the next part for your carbine build. Made from billet 7075 aluminum alloy and Type 3 hard coat anodized for strength and durability. Accepts all conventional AR15 parts.


Enhanced Billet Lower Assemblies finally available in limited quantities in the webstore.

Left side view of lower half of an r15

The Liberty Leonidas 300BLK AR15 Lower half is the next part for your carbine build. Made from billet 7075 aluminum alloy and Type 3 hard coat anodized for strength and durability. Accepts all conventional AR15 parts.

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